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A young man stands in his bedroom.

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  1. No shock images, group membership hate speech (sexism/racism/heterosexism/cissexism/etc.), or graphic material. Links to NSFW material are okay if the text surrounding the link itself is a worksafe, appropriate warning.
  2. No personal criticism of individuals outside of civil and constructive criticism of their roleplaying. An avenue of discussion already exists for those who have difficulties with a specific individual. If discussion of that individual's faults is not enough for you and you feel compelled to share private conversations with them, again, an avenue of discussion already exists for such purposes.
  3. While comments are open for miscellaneous and general discussion, please keep the topic and redundancy level of discussion civilized. This is neither a personal nor a political community.
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Character Discussion

(Anonymous) 2012-08-23 03:11 am (UTC)(link)
Like [personal profile] dreamselves: Discussion about individual characters. Note that this also functions as "Character Advice".