mspanonmod ([personal profile] mspanonmod) wrote2012-08-22 09:37 pm

This is my fauxsonal

I am an anonymous mod.

gampee:eridansmatesprit:orphanertoolscar:ELLEN OH MY GODsheepyomg
That said, I am also a caring mod. If you see anyone doing something 1LL3G4L, comment here and I will do my best to remove it as soon as possible. To review the rules really quickly:
  1. No graphic material.
  2. No hate speech.
  3. No private information.
If your linked comment qualifies as any of these three things, I will make my best efforts to remove it! However, I am as of this writing only one mod, and so I cannot promise to delete any material that is not explicitly brought to my attention here, or for that matter do so with a maximum time of less than 24 hours. If you have a positive request to make, such as rendering a thread as a link in the body of the post or becoming a mod yourself, I will consider it but am not obligated to comply.